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The Wolf At The Door

As well as being awesome pack predators, working as a team to isolate and bring down large animals to feast on their flesh, the ancestors of our modern mutts were cheeky and daring. They were opportunistic hunters and scavengers, catching and killing small prey and stealing food wherever they could.

It was this aspect of their makeup that brought them bravely to our door and, eventually, into our homes and into our hearts.

The natural diet of wolves and wild dogs contains fresh (and not so fresh!) animal carcasses supplemented with fruit and vegetation in varying proportions depending on species, location and seasonal availability. Needless to say, these diets are not cooked and do not contain milk after weaning.

Many thousands of years ago, the advent of permanent human settlements brought livestock, stored food and even accumulations of waste to the previously untouched wildernesses inhabited by these wild dog populations and, as omnivores, they were perfectly placed to exploit all three. This new feeding opportunity suited the less flighty and, eventually, as groups of individuals made their living in different ways, they became more isolated from one another and genetic changes took place.

Before too long, mutual benefits from human association were developed. Dogs became our hunting allies, the movers and protectors of our livestock, the guardians of our homes and, as our societies changed, they became our companions and even our entertainers.

The success of this new, more secure method of existence brought its own problems. Population pressures meant large quantities of food were needed regularly and reliably and, as expediency guided the design of our diets, the stresses of crowded living conditions and separation from the natural world began to take their toll on people and pets.

While wild animals, obviously, can and do get sick (whether from malnutrition, parasitic infection or injury following a risk taken to secure food), the lives of our domestic pets are, to a large extent, under our control. We invest a lot in securing their appeal and rely heavily on them not just for work but also to benefit our emotional wellbeing.

It is our duty as animal guardians to use our knowledge to give them the best chance of a healthy existence and to provide them with the very best food and care we can.

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Green Dog Digest Barking up the wrong tree Your dinner's in the dog
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