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Green Dog Deli uses only human grade, British meat and everything we buy is sourced from the very best local suppliers. Our sausages are handmade in small batches at an established (and very highly regarded) high street butchers and standards at every stage of our production are identical to those of the products they sell for human consumption.

From a food safety point of view, in addition to the obvious animal welfare issues, the RSPCA refers to research carried out at the University of Bristol showing that the incidence of bacteria in raw meat is linked to stocking densities and the stresses experienced by farmed animals during their lifetimes. Our ethically sourced meats come from animals that live longer, grow more slowly and are free to experience natural light cycles, encouraging activity during the day and proper periods of rest at night. We are reassured to know that our locally produced chicken has plenty of room to move around, toys to play with and deep litter to bathe in.

All our fresh foods are presented in such a way that handling is minimised and, wherever possible, waste is eliminated. This means no contamination of bowls, feeding areas, kitchen surfaces or bins and no unwanted smells. Containers are resealable and do not leak in the fridge and anything to be returned to us can go straight into the dishwasher.

Just as in our own diets, the benefits of feeding a varied, freshly prepared, species appropriate diet are many. As well as providing the high quality macronutrients we all recognise - protein, fat and carbohydrate - fresh, real food is naturally high in bioavailable nutraceuticals.

These are the super nutrients that are recognised for their special properties in maintaining and promoting the healthy function of all our bodies’ systems. Where dogs are suffering from lingering or chronic conditions, or have special requirements due to their work or activity levels, these are also the expensive dietary additives found in an increasing, bewildering array on the pet shop shelves.

Take sulphur, for example, found in all living organisms but commonly supplemented in dogs fed for long periods of time on a processed diet. Sulphur helps form flexible connections between cells in the body, allowing connective tissues to retain their elasticity and enabling internal injuries and surface wounds to heal in a healthy way. For the working or active dog, because recovery after exercise is essentially a building process, the availability of sulphur in the body promotes optimum healing and minimises stiffness, discomfort and the formation of easily torn scar tissue.

MSM is the form in which sulphur appears in nature and in which it is biologically active. Due to its volatility it is lost rapidly during heating and also depletes naturally over time, leading to a shortage in commercially processed diets and an increasing need to supplement, especially for active, working dogs or those with arthritic conditions. Research into animal feeding for the purposes of human nutrition has shown that milk from cows which graze on fresh grass contains 20 times as much MSM as cows fed on dried food (and 20 times as much as the same milk after heat treatment).

When sulphur is in short supply, the cell walls harden, elasticity is lost and cell membranes become less permeable. This causes a shortage of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues and an accumulation of toxins inside cells. Reduced vitality and degenerative diseases result.

MSM is one of the beneficial nutraceuticals found in abundance in fresh, raw foods.

At Green Dog Deli we believe that optimum nutrition is the secret of true vitality and the foundation for long-term good health. For our dogs, this means feeding a species-appropriate diet made from top quality, fresh, natural ingredients as part of an overall holistic approach to health.

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Green Dog Digest The wolf at the door Barking up the wrong tree
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