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Why Did We Start Green Dog Deli?

The whole idea behind making the dog food was to give dog owners the opportunity to put the same amount of thought into feeding their dogs as they do into feeding themselves or their families.

Caring for a child with complex medical needs turned a vague interest in health and nutrition into a serious voyage of discovery for Carol, the founder of Green Dog Deli. Before long, it seemed crazy to be tending an organic garden (to feed the human family members) but tipping a nondescript food of questionable origin into the bowls for the dogs each day.

After reading pretty much every book available on the subject (from the light-hearted to serious academic publications), Carol was very lucky to meet two influential veterinary consultants, both passionate about holistic health and nutrition, under whose direction the Green Dog Deli Diet was developed. She started making fresh food for her own dogs, then family and friends, and the business grew from there. Thankfully, it seems to fit wonderfully within a simple, country lifestyle and can be operated alongside Carol's caring responsibilities. Do not be surprised to see various family members on the delivery runs and probably also a dog or two!

Although Green Dog Deli has grown considerably by customer recommendation over the years, it is a small business and will always remain that way. This provides an unrivalled opportunity to offer a genuinely bespoke service and to stay true to the founding principles of producing top quality, handmade food using local, ethically sourced ingredients.

It is hugely rewarding to see the dogs enjoying every mouthful of their meals and so clearly glowing with health and brimming with energy, especially as they age.

  Carol Hunkin
Carol Hunkin

My professional background was in Law and NGO Development. I have been a dog owner for 25 years.

It was very important to me to create a sustainable, environmentally considerate business. A long time ago I read a book that stated that keeping domestic animals (and dogs in particular) was very damaging for our environment. I have never been able to forget that but was reluctant to give up my dogs. I hope Green Dog Deli addresses this.

Nothing we use to create our products needs to go to landfill. Following extensive testing and research we have designed our packaging (and methods of sale and marketing) to eliminate all unnecessary wrapping, branding and labelling. Our food is presented in 100% biodegradable or reusable (and ultimately recyclable) packs. All our ingredients are ethically sourced and support local, sustainable business practices.

I want Green Dog Deli to deliver optimum nutrition at its most convenient and to do so with impeccable environmental credentials.

Believe it or not I am a vegetarian. The ethical treatment of animals is of the highest importance to me. On a more practical level this also means I don’t want messy meat wrappers in my kitchen or in my bin!

Our weekly deliveries are designed to give you everything you need to feed your dog, presented in a clean, convenient and easy to feed way. By buying from us you can have the exact amount of food you need, thus avoiding any waste, and research has shown that the risk of bacterial contamination (a known concern for many would-be-raw feeders) is massively reduced in meat from animals that have been given room to move and that have led a less stressful life.

  Jo Fraser

I have been training dogs for 20 years and have competed in (and won!) just about every major agility event in the UK.

I need my dogs to be extremely fit, healthy and quick thinking. This has made me look at everything I do for them, from exercise to feeding, as it all has an impact on their behaviour and performance. I tried many shop bought foods over the years, but never found one that suited all of my dogs, all of the time.

Jo Fraser
Since putting them on our raw, holistic diet, dinner time is so much fun. My dogs just can’t wait to be fed! Watching them enjoying a bone is one of the biggest pleasures in my life. Their health, fitness and mental acuity is amazing and I no longer seem to be visiting the vet for all those worrying little niggles.

With the Green Dog Deli range of treats I can reward good behaviour without ruining a dog's diet. Good rewards lead to good work and happy dogs. For me, that's what dog training is all about.

Where To Find Us

Green Dog Deli is based in West Oxfordshire, UK. Our office is in the small village of Clanfield and our food is made and sold in the nearby fairtrade town of Faringdon.

We deliver widely throughout the neighbouring counties, regularly attend local farmers' markets and can be found at various shows and events around the country.

Contact us for details of our schedule for the coming year... here

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