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What we're up to, where we've been and links to things we like (far too many stories about our own dogs too because we just won't be able to help it!).

Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know that we could include on this page. Also, send us stories about YOUR dogs' adventures - and don't forget a picture!

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First a quick apology that we've been so quiet on this page for so long. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes we hope you'll like. We promise exciting announcements and lots of pictures will appear here soon, so please bear with us, we're working on it!

News & Stories From The End of 2011...


  Christmas & New Year Delivery Information

Once again, we are pleased to be able to make regular deliveries over the Christmas and New Year period.  However, there will be a couple of minor changes...

Food delivered in the two weeks of 20th and 27th December will be FROZEN and not fresh (so make sure you have some food ready for your dogs on delivery day!!).  Again, following feedback from previous years, we will be packing orders into our smaller disposable boxes so that you can conveniently defrost the amount you need.  

Deliveries that would have taken place on the 27th, which is a bank holiday, will be made on Wednesday 28th December.

It would help us greatly if any changes to regular orders during the Christmas period could be notified to us by the end of next week.  Don't forget you can continue to contact us with any feeding questions over Christmas and New Year.

Everything will be back to normal on the 3th January. 

We are very happy to say that this is the third time we have had to send out this message so a huge thank you goes to all our human and canine customers for your tremendous loyalty.  We are grateful to you all.

Very best wishes for the forthcoming holiday season from all of us at Green Dog Deli!


  Pretty agility dog waits patiently for her BARF treats Setting Up, Showing Off, Selling Out (In A Good Way!)

Great news! We have been positively blown away by the response our little deli van has received from the agility community over the course of our first show season. We really can't thank you all enough for your custom, your encouragement and your commitment to our products.

The Kennel Club International Agility Festival, held at Kelmarsh Hall, seemed like a bit of a daunting occasion for us at first but turned out to be our most successful yet. The atmosphere around our stand was amazing and everyone commented on it: the show's organisers, the other exhibitors and our customers old and new. Seems like we are developing a bit of a following at agility events already!

We were particularly pleased to welcome the international competitors who had enjoyed our products at the World Agility Open and came to collect their food for their stay in UK from Green Dog Deli. One of our highlights had to be the moment when an ecstatic, out-of-breath, international handler appeared at the stand saying, "I can't believe it, I'm in the final, I need some more of your treats!"

In the spirit of fairness, however, we must also mention the dog at Prestbury Park who (fulfilling his owner's prophecy made a few moments before) ran out of the ring, appeared at the van and sneaked in through the side door... luckily his owner found it highly amusing, as did the judge, who visited the stand herself after her class had closed.

So, thank you again to everyone. We will see you all soon!

100% natural, handmade, ethically sourced, dehydrated venison treats
  A gorgeous whippet waits for his healthy dog treats A collie dog performs a trick to earn her Green Dog Deli treats


Our largest customer comes back for more!
  A Soggy Start To The Summer...

Well, so far June has been an exceptionally busy month for us, with shows and events all around Oxfordshire, but we have still managed to fit in some charity events and even found the time for a breathtakingly beautiful dog walk.

We also discovered (at the Foxbury Farm Open Day) that compostable packaging and heavy rain really don't mix well!

Old tractor on Foxbury Farm in the rain
  The Green Dog Deli Border Collies in a poppy field


Beautiful Oxfordshire view The Tithe Bar, Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire
  Green Dog Deli raw food stand World Agility Open Championships 2011

We have finally arrived home from this exciting and hugely successful event at the Hand Equestrian Centre in Somerset.

What a great time we had! Thank you to all our customers, old and new, for making all the hard work so worthwhile. We sold out of sausages, bones, herbs and treats by Sunday.

Teams came from all over the world to compete - Venezuela, USA, Japan, Finland, Australia to name but a few and, of couse, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. There are loads of pictures on our Facebook page, info about the competitors and the long story of how we even managed to give away a cat (sorry again Steve!!).

This year Somerset - next year Belgium!

Dog agility in the maim arena
  Happy customers at the Green Dog Deli raw food delivery van 'Perfect 10' Herb Mix on the Green Dog Deli trade stand Members of the England Team outside the Green Dog Deli raw feeding delivery van


A Spring Tonic For Your Dog - Nutritious And FREE!

I'm sure you've noticed all those lush green leaves springing up in hedgerows and around the paths and fields, but did you know that nettles can be used to promote the health of your active dog?

Take a closer look - that unassuming little leaf contains protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, B Vitamins and Vitamins A, C, D and K.  Take a handful (wear gloves!), blanch them in hot water and add some to your dog's dinner to provide a nutritious, detoxifying spring tonic.  A couple of heaped teaspoons daily is fine for a collie sized dog.  You can also use them to make tea.

Both nettle and dandelion leaves are added to our fresh food to help keep those Green Dog Deli dogs fit and healthy!

Urtica dioica - stinging nettle herb

  Cleavers herb for dogs Dandelion herbs for dogs Nettle herbs for dogfood

World Agility Open Logo


World Agility Open Championships 13th-15th May 2011

Green Dog Deli are delighted to be supporting this new international agility event at the Hand Equestrian Centre in Somerset. Come and visit our unique dog deli positioned in the main arena throughout the weekend!

If you would like a supply of our fresh food delivered to you at the event, please e-mail



The Agility Voice Magazine Reviews Our New Products

In the January issue of this very popular agility magazine, the editor, Virginia Harry, has kindly written us a lovely review. This is what she said:

"I believe that Green Dog Deli's food and treats can tempt the fussiest of eaters to tuck in."

"They've lasted absolutely ages and, of course, the dogs love them."

"If you want raw, meaty bones or holistic, junk-free treats, the Harry dogs recommend Green Dog Deli."

Thank you very much, Virginia. We are really glad your dogs are enjoying our food.

Find out more about The Agility Club or The Agility Voice magazine... here


NEW Online Dog Video Magazine

January 2011 sees the launch of a new website that will surely be of interest to all of us who care about an integrated, holistic approach to keeping our dogs happy and healthy...

"Discover Naturally Happy Dogs, a brand new online dog magazine with a twist - all the articles are videos. This means that you get to actually see how to apply practical dog training tips and get to know our canine behaviour and well-being experts face to face!"

Have a look at their website and you will see Green Dog Deli appearing in the directory listings!

This is what Naturally Happy Dogs had to say about us:

"Your products look fantastic, we will be proud to list them."

We think their website looks fantastic too and wish them every success with their exciting new project. No doubt it will become a valuable resource. Well done, guys!

  Wholefood, cereal-free dog treats

Happy New Year BARF Fed Dogs!

We are pleased to announce (ok - at last) that our range of homemade, 100% natural, biscuits, chews and training treats are now available for mail order...

Delivery will be by first class post and all packaging will be biodegradable and/or recyclable. All of the details are on our products page and you will be able to make the following orders at these delivery prices:

2 Boxes (200/400g) P&P £3.15

16 Box Variety Pack (2.4kg approx) P&P £9.85


Call us or e-mail to make your selection and we will confirm availability and arrange payment online via PayPal.

Contact Us


Many thanks to Mel at for the delightful images!



News & Stories From The End of 2010...

  BARF fed Dylan enjoying a swim

This is Dylan. He is a 6 year old Working Sheep Dog from a farm near Brecon in Wales. He has been BARF fed for four years and enjoying his Green Dog Deli Diet for the last three of these.

He always knows when a dog food fork comes out of the cutlery draw - I don't know how as all the knives and forks sound exactly the same to me!

Apart from his sausages, his favourite food is fresh banana and, other than eating, his favourite activity is swimming.

In September this year we were pleased to be part of the annual National Trust Coleshill Organic Food Festival.

Dylan and Spikey even got their pictures in the newspaper. We had a stall in the old engine house and welcomed dogs of all shapes and sizes with our specially prepared treat-size cocktail sausages. We also had an enormous bone on the table, courtesy of our favourite butchers, Pat Thomas in Faringdon, which all our canine visitors were most disappointed to discover was for display purposes only. There was much talk of dinosaurs that day...

Fresh, raw, cocktail sausages
  Cute Jack Russell begs for tiny sausage! The Green Dog Deli raw food market stall Handsome Viszla enjoys a Green Dog Deli treat
  "Wow! They look incredible. Can I take one for the barbie..?"

Coleshill Food Festival Patron

Taraxacum officinale herb Exciting News!

By the end of December (and just in time for those healthy resolutions!) we will have some new products on the website and available for sale. Exactly what you've all been waiting for - homemade treats for BARF fed dogs. No cereals, no artificial additives of any kind and only the high quality, ethically sourced, 100% human-grade meat you have come to expect from Green Dog Deli.

This is what you asked for:

"Small enough to be eaten quickly, but not so small as to go unnoticed."

"Easy to break into pieces, but NOT CRUMBLY!"

"Smelly enough to attract the fussiest of eaters, but not so ripe as to remain on hands and in pockets forever..."

AND, of course, because it's a Green Dog Deli product, nutritionally the best it can be and packaged in accordance with our environmental policy.

Do you think we've cracked it? More details to follow very soon.

The wolf at the door Barking up the wrong tree Your dinner's in the dog
Healthy, BARF fed puppies sleeping, close up Street dog looking back Dry kibble dog food Wild rabbit in field

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