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Reducing the Cost of Convenience

We want our business to be sustainable. Both in terms of environmental cost and as a commercial enterprise. But do our customers buy from us because our dog food is the best or because they believe in and wish to support our aims? If we are succeeding, these two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

First and foremost we need to be a viable, profit-making organisation, so there has to be a real market for our goods. We want to provide the optimum, species-appropriate, diet (that can be fed with the minimum of effort) at a price people can afford. In addition, we want to allow fellow pet owners to enjoy their animals knowing that they are not contributing, either directly or indirectly, to the degradation and destruction of their local and wider environment.

So how do we do this?

From the very beginning we have sourced our ingredients fairly, promoting the use of local, organic and ethically traded produce - minimising food miles, use of packaging, waste and pollution at all stages of the procurement process. Using our bulk purchasing power means improved access to fresh, high quality, nutritious dog food that is better for our animals and ensures our customers can afford to make the environmental choices they want.

  Natural dog food in compostable packs
Pack Leader

Nothing we use to create or ship our products needs to go to landfill. That’s right. Not one thing. Following extensive testing and research we have designed our packaging (and methods of sale and marketing) to eliminate all unnecessary wrapping, branding and labelling. Since our inception in 2007, most local councils have made it much easier to compost and recycle waste, but if it remains difficult for any of our customers we will always take back our packaging and do this for you, for free.

We are proud of our attention to detail – even the seals on our containers are compostable, including the natural adhesive!

"The very best natural dog food with impeccable environmental credentials."

Ethical Junction

  Cereal crops growing in the sunshine
Carbon Pawprints?

The packaging we use is made from plants so it is rapidly degradable back to harmless, even useful, natural constituents and has a much lower carbon footprint than conventional plastic. The production of bioplastics emits 77% less carbon dioxide than the production of PET plastics that are commonly used in cheap, disposable packaging. Less energy is required during the manufacturing process and, often, a high percentage of renewable energy is sourced and utilised by the manufacturing companies. In addition, any carbon that is emitted can be said to have a neutral effect, as it will be removed through the plants’ photosynthesis during growth.

Passiflora incarnata herb Man’s Best Friends

Undoubtedly there is room for improvement in our own business practices (for instance, we are working with a consultant to move away from petrol for our delivery vehicles and our office, although on the way, is far from paperless!) but we are thankfully able to buy, and learn, from some very well established pioneers of ethical business as well as eagerly support some newer, groundbreaking companies that share our passions.

See Suma's ethical policy... here

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See some ecostats, award winning products, and read information about the Vegware Community Fund... here

Use these links to learn more - and always challenge us where you think we can do better!

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Green Dog Digest The wolf at the door Barking up the wrong tree Your dinner's in the dog
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