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Fresh Food... Friendly Faces

The Green Dog Deli Diet follows the formula developed by a leading veterinary consultant. The feeding method follows the lifestyle of two lazy (but conscientious!) dog owners. The result? Optimum nutrition for your pet... zero hassle for you. No mess. No fuss. No waste.

Handmade and hand delivered* within 24 hours, our raw food is made fresh and stays that way. Many local customers receive a weekly hamper containing all of the following items, but any of our products can be ordered separately and always in the exact amount to suit you and your dog. Please contact us for a personal quotation or discussion of your dog's needs.

If you have any special requirements not listed here then please just ask (you'd be surprised what we have sourced for customers so far!) and as all our food is made fresh to order, we can make adjustments to our recipes as required.

Need a probiotic added or a specific vegetable excluded? Not a problem. Just let us know.

*So any advice you need comes free!

Fresh, raw dog food
Our Sausages

Made from humanely reared, quality British meat and hand picked, seasonal, organic fruit and veg., our sausages form the basis of the Green Dog Deli Diet. Currently available in lamb, beef, whole chicken, chicken wing or rabbit, they're so clean and easy to feed - the dog eats the 'wrapper'!

Lamb/Beef Pack of 5 (454g approx) £2.65/£2.50
Whole Chicken/Wing/Rabbit £3.40/£2.40/£4.00

Made by hand at an award winning butchers, our raw food contains nothing but the finest, freshest, human grade ingredients. Each variety has has its own single protein source and absolutely nothing will be added that you don't see listed here. Guaranteed.

Ingredients: Lamb or Beef Meat (70%), vegetables, fruit, seeds and herbs. Chicken or Rabbit Meat & bone (80%), vegetables, fruit, seeds and herbs. Store in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for three months. Chicken and rabbit can be complete pet foods (great for those who don't like to feed bones) and beef and lamb are complementary, designed to be fed alongside chicken wings or other raw meaty bones.

Typical nutritional composition: Lamb Protein 11.9% Carbohydrate 2.9% Fat 16.5% Moisture 68% Ash 0.9% Beef Protein 14% Carbohydrate 2.9% Fat 9% Moisture 73.4% Ash 1.5% Chicken Wing Protein 13.9% Carbohydrate 1.9% Fat 10.9% Moisture 69.5% Ash 3.3% Rabbit Protein 15.7% Carbhydrate 1.9% Fat 2.0% Moisture 76.1% Ash 4.0% Made at Pat Thomas (Butchers) Ltd Faringdon SN77HL Green Dog Deli Ltd 01367 243372 Batch numbers: Date (ddmmyy) & LB, BF, CW or RB

  Our specially formulated herbs for dogs "Perfect 10"

Our synergistic blend of ten different herbs and spices. Flowers, leaves, bark, roots and seeds, all organic and providing a host of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and nutraceuticals. These herbs promote the healthy function of the skin, heart, liver, kidneys, blood and digestive systems, alongside natural anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic actions. The magic ingredient in all of our sausages, but available separately for those who make their own dog food.

Kraft Bag (200g) £6.00

Ingredients: Herbs & spices (50%), seeds (50%). Store in an airtight container away from light for up to twelve months. Add to homemade diet at no more than 10g per 10kgs of dog's body weight per day, chopping or mixing as necessary.

Typical nutritional composition: Protein 19.4% Carbohydrate 44.4% Fat 20.0% Moisture 8.1% Ash 8.1% Green Dog Deli Limited 01367 243372 Batch number: Date (ddmmyy) & PT

Bag of small bone shaped wholefood treats
GDD Wholefood Training Treats and Biscuits

100% natural, cereal-free, biscuits, 'bones' and training treats containing absolutely no artificial additives of any kind. Different sizes available for different sized dogs.

Handmade in small batches then gently air-dried (not extruded or baked) to preserve the nutritional quality of the fine ingredients and to maintain the ethos of the biologically appropriate diet. Drying over a gentle heat removes water without cooking, concentrating the natural flavours and aromas of the meat and preserving the ingredients for storage without the need for additives.

A very healthy option which dogs go mad for! Easy to break into smaller pieces without crumbling.

Grab your dog's attention at training every time!

Ingredients: Fresh meat or fish (35%), seeds, vegetables, whole egg, extra-virgin olive oil, brewer's yeast. A complementary pet food, best stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container for up to one month. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your pet.

Typical nutritional composition: Chicken Breast Protein 27.7% Carbohydrate 25.9% Fat 43.2% Ash 3.1% Mackerel Protein 24.2% Carbohydrate 24.8% Fat 48.1% Ash 3.0% Ox Heart Protein 25.2% Carbohydrate 26.2% Fat 45.4% Ash 3.1% Lamb's Liver Protein 25.9% Carbohydrate 26.5% Fat 44.5% Ash 3.2% Green Dog Deli Limited 01367 243372 Batch numbers: Date (ddmmyy) & CB, MK, OH or LL

"My dog has many food intolerances. Your products have changed his life - and mine!"

JP, Oxon

Chicken Breast or Mackerel Treats

Chicken breast is a good low-fat and hypoallergenic option. The addition of brewer's yeast to our mackerel treats ensures good digestion of the beneficial fish oils and plenty of B-vitamins to keep your dog's metabolism in top shape.

Chicken Breast (50g bag) £1.75

Mackerel Fillet (50g bag) £1.25

Natural, raw food training treats
  Ox Heart or Lamb's Liver Treats

Perennially popular, strongly flavoured meats that dogs will want to work for.

Both are highly nutritious and rich in vitamins. Heart is an excellent source of CoQ10, which is essential for energy production and a powerful antioxidant, great for older dogs.

Ox Heart (50g bag) £1.20

Lamb's Liver (50g bag) £1.10

Natural dog treats by mail order
  Dried Meats

100% fresh, human grade meats all ethically sourced and gently air-dried.

Feed whole as a treat or cut into tiny pieces for training. Prices may vary slightly according to availability.

Lamb's Liver or Ox Heart (50g bag) £1.75

Venison (50g bag) £4.10

Chicken Breast (50g bag) £2.20

Ethically sourced chicken breats, dried
  Ethically sourced ox heart, dried Ethically sourced lamb's liver, dried

Ingredients: Fresh meat (100%). A complementary pet food, best stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container for up to one month. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your pet.

Typical nutritional composition: Chicken Breast Protein 91.7% Carbohydrate 0.0% Fat 4.8% Ash 3.9% Venison Protein 86.0% Carbohydrate 0.0% Fat 10.8% Ash 2.4% Ox Heart Protein 77.3% Carbohydrate 0.4% Fat 17.0% Ash 4.8% Lamb's Liver Protein 71.3% Carbohydrate 6.3% Fat 17.5% Ash 4.5% Green Dog Deli Limited 01367 810481 Batch numbers: Date (ddmmyy) & CB, MK, OH or LL


"What can I say? The sausages are genius! That is all. "

CG, Oxon

  Fresh, raw chicken wings as dog food
Chicken Wings

Much better than the standard meaty bones often sold as dog food, these come fresh, not frozen, and absolutely never from battery birds. Simple, healthy food with a conscience. Dogs love them!

Pack of 6 (480g approx) £1.90

Regular Delivery Pack of 42 (3.4kg approx) £11.00


"My dogs are playing with each other again."

JF, Oxon

  Fresh, raw bones as dog food
Lamb Bones and Beef Bones

Our dogs enjoy a day in the garden most weekends, chomping away on a big juicy bone. All sizes are available to suit different dogs (according to Spikey the bigger the better!).

A real treat for your dog!

Available to order

Hypericum perforatum herb
"Six weeks since the change to the raw food diet for the dogs. Never have I seen a more noticeable change to my dogs' health. Two very happy dogs. Thank you Green Dog Deli!"

JA, Wilts

"Works out cheaper than the homemade diet my dogs were on and that's without factoring in all the driving around to find the bargains. You have a great product - keep up the good work!"

DB, Glos

"I can't believe the difference in my dogs... I didn't realise they had a doggy odour until it was gone. Their coats are shiny and there is absolutely no smell!"

NT, Oxon

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