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  • Fresh, Local, Organic Produce Fresh, Local, Organic Produce
  • 100% Compostable Packaging 100% Compostable Packaging
  • Innovative Natural Insulation Innovative Natural Insulation


Top Quality, Affordable and Convenient

These three don't always go together, but, thanks to our judicious buying (and meticulous planning!) your dog can benefit from the very best fresh food at a very agreeable price and with absolutely no fuss.

What is more, we believe that purchasing real food should be a pleasure, not a chore. So we are delighted to fill our lovely bags with all good things from these wonderful people, so you can be happy buying from us!

  Colourful farm shop vegetables
We love Coleshill Organics and you will too. Just like us they have a passion for real food and environmental responsibility. Every week they supply us with a variety of truly exceptional, fresh produce, all organic and grown within 8 miles of GDD HQ. Also like us, they reuse all their packaging, and, all their deliveries are made using environmentally friendly biodiesel. Have a look at the Coleshill Organics website (and see what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had to say about them!)



"At last I can feed my dog with the same consideration for her health that I give to my own wellbeing. Thank you, Green Dog Deli."

RM, Coleshill Organics & Green Dog Deli Customer

  Fresh meat being prepared at the butchers' shop
Pat Thomas Butchers is another award winner and part of the inspiration behind the creation of Green Dog Deli. For over 50 years Pat Thomas Butchers have been supplying Faringdon and the local area with high quality meat and fresh, handmade products. All of their lamb, pork and poultry are bought within a 40 mile radius of the shop and their seasonal game is from local sources. The beef they supply is top quality Aberdeen Angus and all are fully traceable. Pat Thomas Butchers supply all our meat and bones and they have been expertly handcrafting our gorgeous sausages for the last six years. If you haven't been to the shop yet you're missing a real treat! In the meantime, check out their website



"My rescue dog had a very poor start in life but now, at the dog park, everyone compliments me on his obvious good health. I tell them it's all down to Green Dog Deli!"

JS, Pat Thomas Butchers & Green Dog Deli Customer

  Fresh herbs for our natural dog food
The gorgeous herbs we use come from Coleshill Organics, The Organic Herb Trading Company and the wonderful wilds of the Oxfordshire countryside. If we ever need an excuse to walk our dogs (and call it work!), this is it.

A lot of what we know about herbs we have learned from consultant veterinary surgeon Jimmy Symmonds BSc BVSc MRCVS. To find out more about Jimmy and ways you can use herbs to help your dog, visit his website



"This is the most convenient way I have ever fed my dogs. Long may it continue!"

AR, Oxon

Our food is presented in 100% compostable or reusable (and ultimately recyclable) packs. Since our inception in 2007, most local councils have made it much easier to compost and recycle waste, but if it remains difficult for any of our customers we will always take back our packaging and do this for you, for free. Not quite sure what compostable means? No problem! Vegware (one of our favourite suppliers) explains it for you


Our raw food in its reseable boxes

"My vet thinks this is brilliant! I am delighted to say the dogs absolutely love it!"

PC, Glos

We have carefully designed our packaging (and methods of sale and marketing) to eliminate all unnecessary wrapping, branding and labelling. The Wool Packaging Company is the reason we can remain true to these ideals and still supply our raw food to people who love Green Dog Deli but live outside our direct delivery area. Developed by a multi-award winning designer, their wool packaging is genuinely sustainable, available in abundance and fully biodegradable (unlike oil based products like polystyrene). Find out more


Sheep in the snow

"Thank you so much for making BARF feeding a realistic option for a squeamish vegetarian. The dogs say thank you too with their empty bowls!"

AS, Wilts

Echinacea purpurea herb
Thanks to the lovely folks at Crossgates Bioenergetics we are able to offer the addition of a canine specific probiotic to our freshly made food. Just ask if you would like this added to the food we make for your dog, either on a regular basis or temporarily, following a stressful time or an antibiotic treatment.

We have chosen to buy our nuts, seeds, oils and flours from Suma and Zaytoun. There is more about both of these organisations on our ethics page (we are very proud of our choice!). They supply us with the highest quality, organic and ethically traded produce and both organisations use their profits to benefit their communities and producers.

Rocky, Danni and Bella are our garden hens. They have lived with us for five years now and are very spoiled! They supply us with delicious fresh eggs every morning and we use them in our bisciuts and treats. That way we know what the hens have been eating and that the shells are clean and chemical free.

Very occasionally we have too many eggs - if you would like some fresh, organic, freerange eggs added to your weekly bag, contact us


Green Dog Digest
The wolf at the door
Barking up the wrong tree
Your dinner's in the dog
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